When Steve and Hope Rowley moved to their home on the York River, in beautiful York, Maine, they started planting blueberry bushes. Selecting many varieties for an extended harvest time and a wonderful range of flavors. The berries are hand picked at their peak of ripeness, and have been sought after for their amazing flavor and locally known as "Birch Hill Blues".

In 2007, after visiting several Maine alpaca farms, we were captivated by the gentle creatures known as alpacas. We were amazed at how helpful local alpaca owners were; always willing to share their knowledge and resources. After talking to several owners we decided to start our "fiber farm". We found that breeding quality alpacas can be very expensive, but fiber quality geldings are much more affordable. Their fiber is just as soft and beautiful.

After a few simple modifications to our farm, we were ready for our  "fiber boys".

First day at Blueberry Fields Alpaca Farm
About a year later...
Blueberry Fields Alpaca Farm
40 Birch Hill Road
York, ME 03909


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